Japanese knotweed

The Knotweed Experts are one of the UK’s leading contractors in the knotweed identification, control, treatment and removal of Japanese knotweed. Our success is built upon our experience, expertise, service delivery and customer care. Coupled with being mortgage compliant, Property Care Association (PCA) approved and up to 10 years guarantee on our treatments, finding a solution to knotweed treatment has never been so easy.

We understand that finding out that your property sale or purchase is affected by Japanese Knotweed can be a daunting time and hearing horror stories of house prices plummeting up to 40% around the UK (25% in London) and properties having to be rebuilt because of the spread of knotweed, can make dealing with the problem extremely stressful and time consuming.

Mortgage lenders can refuse to lend against properties with knotweed due to damage of foundations, drainage systems and walls and this can prove to be a difficult situation, especially if you are in a house buying chain.

By following our simple online enquiry system, you are just a few clicks away from resolving your knotweed problems and having full assurance that your problem has been resolved quickly and effectively. Act now and book your survey – we promise to deliver your survey results report within 2 working days of the survey taking place.


By choosing The Knotweed Experts, resolving your knotweed issues is just a few simple steps away.

Step #1

Book your survey

By using our online system or calling us, you can choose a convenient date and time for one of our knotweed specialists to visit your property to undertake a mortgage-approved site survey.

What is included in our Knotweed Survey Reports?

  • A site visit carried out by one of our Knotweed specialists where they will inspect your property, gardens front and rear along with any neighbouring properties where possible.
  • Whilst on site we accurately measure and record the Japanese knotweed infestations and provide a scaled drawing of your property and infestations.
  • Define your JKW risk number as specified in the RICS information paper. This is required for your mortgage company.
  • Provide you with a full mortgage approved written report that includes a detailed quote, information pack and Knotweed management plan.
  • Everything you need in a quick and easy format to satisfy your mortgage company/ buyer/ seller.

We appreciate that a fast turnaround time is essential for property owners and purchasers. We acknowledge that you need to act now, therefore we will get your comprehensive report sent out to you along with your quotation within 2 working days of our site visit, (subject to season and location).

Step #2

Book Your Treatment

Once you have received your comprehensive knotweed survey report, we will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

The Knotweed Experts use our expertise and knowledge in recommending only the most effective courses of treatment specific to your residential property.

Once we have discussed and decided on the best course of action, our dedicated staff will book your treatment plan in, with the survey fee automatically deducted from the cost of treatment.

Step #3

Get Your Guarantee

The Knotweed Experts provide you with professional guarantees approved by the PCA and can also offer third party insurance to back our guarantees for all* of our works/treatment plans.

These guarantees are valid for 5 or 10 year terms, so you will have confidence that your knotweed issue is resolved. This is particularly essential for mortgage compliance and satisfying your buyer.

*Subject to approval.

Step #4

Happy Customer

Once you proceed with your treatment plan, we can issue you with your knotweed removal guarantee immediately*, which will**

  • satisfy your mortgage lenders and buyers,
  • allow you to concentrate your time on your house move, with peace of mind that knotweed has been eradicated from your property.

* Subject to paying in full
** Subject to their acceptance

Great service and high quality of work. Excellent communication either on the phone or email and was always available to help and answer queries. Very pleased…thanks.

Our happy customers


Our success is built upon our experience, expertise, service delivery and customer care. If Knotweed is causing you problems we can help you get it eradicated and under control quickly.

PCA approved specialist

PCA Approved

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Fixed fee and no hidden costs

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24th September 2019

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