Construction of a new house in SW London


Japanese Knotweed was identified at the front of the property that was to be demolished and a new property to be built where the Knotweed is located.

We were contacted by a project manager on behalf of their client who was building a new house in replacement of their existing home. The architect identified Knotweed at the front of the property and highlighted the problems of this invasive weed.


We carried out an initial report and worked alongside the project manager and architect to review the plans/drawings of the new house to agree a solution. From this report we created a Knotweed Management Plan which concluded that the Knotweed would be treated via stem injection, then cut and covered with ply board to allow safe demolition of the existing dwelling. Post demolition the Knotweed was mechanically excavated and disposed of to a licenced landfill and the new dwelling could be constructed with no delays or risk of spreading the Knotweed. Following the excavation we implemented a 2 year monitoring period of the site to ensure we could issue a 5 year insurance backed guarantee.

The demolition and construction of a new prestigious house in Wimbledon could continue with no delays or risk of spreading the Knotweed around the site with an excavation and monitoring treatment plan with a 5 year insurance backed guarantee.


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