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Mortgage refused due to Knotweed growing out of boundary wall

The buyer’s surveyor identified Japanese Knotweed in the rear garden of the property growing out of the boundary wall and this resulted in the mortgage company declining to lend until the site had been surveyed by a specialist and a robust treatment plan put in place by a PCA approved contractor. The Knotweed was also present in the neighbouring property which was owned by Network Rail.


The owner instructed us to carry out an initial Knotweed Mortgage Report. Following the site visit we worked with the owner to contact Network rail and gain written confirmation that they would commit a long term treatment plan that echoed the one we would put in place for our clients property. Successfully gaining this ensured we could implement a 3 year herbicide treatment plan with a 5 year insurance backed guarantee. All the treatment plan paperwork including the guarantee were issued upon payment who could then pass these onto the buyer’s mortgage lender and solicitor.

Confirmation gained from Network rail so a treatment plan with guarantee could be put in place. The buyer’s mortgage was approved and the house sale went through with no delays!


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