Japanese knotweed removal services in London

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We want to make all properties in London free from knotweed. Our only question is, will yours be among them?

PCA and mortgage-approved knotweed surveys in London from just £299 + VAT

Survey fee is fully deductible from the total treatment plan cost.

The Knotweed Experts are a PCA-accredited contractor for domestic Japanese knotweed removal in London and beyond. We are experts in addressing knotweed-related problems with mortgage applications.  During each site visit, our certified surveyor estimates the growth of the infestation, takes measurements and recommends the most efficient treatment plan or mechanical removal method that will work best in your case.

Our Japanese knotweed removal service pack is designed to provide prompt, permanent and mortgage-complaint solutions to knotweed problems for:

  • residential property owners in London and across the home counties
  • potential property buyers and sellers
  • estate agents
  • refused mortgage applicants

The knotweed survey pack you book contains everything you need in a quick and easy format to satisfy your mortgage lender or potential property buyer.

We appreciate that a fast turnaround time is essential for property owners and purchasers, therefore we will get your knotweed report sent out to you along with your quotation within 2 working days of our site visit (subject to season and location).

If you decide to proceed with the recommended treatment plan, the survey fee will be deducted from the cost of your treatment plan. Our tailored treatment methods are carried out by specialist teams operating locally to assure your treatment plan is quickly implemented and then carried out systematically.

Why should you choose The Knotweed Experts as your knotweed removal contractor?

  • PCA approved company with a wealth of experience in invasive weeds removals from residential properties
  • Insurance backed guarantees for 5 or 10 years
  • London-based contractor with national coverage through local expert teams
  • FREE phone call or e-mail knotweed consultation
  • FREE full knotweed survey when you proceed with one of our treatment plans
  • Knotweed service package that satisfies banks and mortgage companies
  • Full mortgage-compliant knotweed report
  • Our treatment plans are individually chosen for each project to assure the best solution possible in each case

How we work

  • SITE VISIT CARRIED OUT BY A SPECIALIST SURVEYOR – a thorough examination of your property, front and rear gardens with any neighbouring properties where possible
  • SCALED DRAWING OF YOUR PROPERTY AND INFESTATIONS – the knotweed infestation on and/or near your property are accurately measured and recorded during the site visit
  • YOUR JKW RISK NUMBER – as specified in the RICS information paper and required by all mortgage lenders
  • FULL MORTGAGE-APPROVED WRITTEN REPORT that includes a detailed quote, information pack and your knotweed management plan

Not sure if you have knotweed? Free knotweed consultation

If you are not sure if the invasive weed infestation on your London property is actually Japanese knotweed, have a look at our detailed knotweed identification guide that will help you be the judge. If in doubt, do not hesitate to submit your weed infestation photos here or send them to our experts at hello@theknotweedexperts.co.uk and we will make a free knotweed assessment.

You’ve made it this far… now book your survey. Call your knotweed specialist at 0800 122 3310

Online booking: Please fill in the form below to provide us with all information necessary to arrange your knotweed survey. You will be then redirected to Pay Pal to make a secure online payment with your credit/debit card. One of our knotweed co-ordinators will be in touch within 1 working day to confirm your survey booking.
Call bookings: Book your knotweed survey by calling our experts on 0800 122 3310 from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 05:30pm.