Domestic Problems With Japanese Knotweed [Infographic]

domestic problems with japanese knotweed - infographic

Japanese Knotweed Facts

  1. Knotweed is a non-native and highly invasive plant. Considered controlled waste, can be disposed of at dedicated facilities only.
  2. Japanese knotweed is not picky at all – it can spread onto various habitats, from river banks to roadsides and private gardens.
  3. Your house sale will be halted and mortgage application denied once a knotweed infestation is discovered on your land.
  4. Knotweed found 7m away from your property can still affect your house sale.
  5. Knotweed does not grow through concrete, but it can exploit cracks in tarmac, asphalt and concrete.
  6. Each year, issues caused by knotweed cost British economy even £6 mln.

Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Knotweed

Can Japanese knotweed cause skin burns?

No. It’s also safe to dogs and other pets.

Is knotweed poisonous?

Quite the opposite – it’s edible and safe to each for humans and livestock. Certain parts can be cooked to resemble the taste of rhubarb.

How fast does it grow?

Knotweed can grow even 4m tall in under 10 weeks. Roots can go as deep as 3m underground (or more).

How to get rid of it once and for all?

Hire a professional exterminator to make sure it does not grow back. Proper knotweed control and specialist eradication reduce the chances of regrowth.

When is the best time to treat knotweed?

DIY spraying chemicals onto the foliage is the most effective in summer, when the plant is flowering.

How to eradicate knotweed?

  1. Book a specialist knotweed survey. A site visit will confirm whether it really is a knotweed invasion.
  2. Receive your written report in just 2 working days.
  3. Book your recommended treatment plan.
  4. Receive a PCA-backed 5 or 10-year guarantee. Submit the proof to satisfy your mortgage lender or buyer.

The Knotweed Experts is a PCA-approved contractor offering Japanese knotweed removal solutions for residential properties, private gardens and housing estates anywhere in the UK. For specialist advice on knotweed-induced problems with mortgaging and house sales, contact our team on 0800 122 3310.


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